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    • About PEER
      About PEER

      PEER Bearing is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable ball and roller bearing solutions to target industries

    • Industries

      PEER is committed to supplying the
      highest quality bearing solutions to the
      industries served.
      - Agricultural - Transmission - Automotive
      - Fluid - Material Handling
      - Electrical - Construction

    • Products

      PEER designs each bearing to ensure long service life in a wide variety of applications. To meet individual needs, PEER has direct product offerings for various applications and industries.

    • Manufacturing & Engineering
      Manufacturing & Engineering

      PEER demonstrates a deep level of commitment to our customers by meeting and exceeding requirements and expectations, reviewing and implementing effective and ongoing quality management systems and striving for continuous improvement.

    About PEERIndustriesProductsManufacturing & Engineering

    PEER has a diversified line of Ball, Tapered, Mounted and Agricultural Bearings designed to meet the unique requirements of our targeted industries.

    PEER Bearing is a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable ball and roller bearing solutions to target industries. Our Target Industries served are: agricultural, distribution, electrical, fluid, industrial transmission, material handling, off highway and on highway.

    Technical SupportContact our application specific technical support team for help in solving your customer related bearing questions. Technical Support   Locate a DistributorFind a Local PEER Distributor

    Locate a Distributor
      News and EventsClick Here for the Latest PEER News and Events.

    News and Events
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